While growing up Khumo’s dream was to one day be a great Chef. Once he’d finished school, Khumo worked in various fields within the Live Events and Artistry Industries. However, it was his love for food that helped him rise above his fears, joining the Market Caterers’ Team in 2017.

Starting at the Bottom

He started with Market Caterers as a student, and threw his heart and soul into his dream of becoming a Chef. Khumo started at the bottom and learned everything he could by apprenticeship.

His passion, enthusiasm and drive were obvious to the Market Caterers’ Team, as they watched Khumo’s energy and attention to detail in everything and anything he was involved in. From large buffet setups, to elegantly plated menus, to small home hosted functions.

“It was clear to us from the start, that for Khumo this wasn’t just a job. It was a calling. There was definitely something larger driving him”, says David Ferreira of Market Caterers.

Rising to the Top

As Khumo worked his way through various functions at Market Caterers, taking on every challenge that came his way, it wasn’t long before Khumo realised his dream.

Today Chef Khumo is the Head Function Chef in the Market Caterers’ Family.

Whether it’s a large Stadium Function, a Corporate Spit Braai, or preparing Platters for a Children’s Party, Chef Khumo gives 100% of himself to every plate he prepares. He treats each job as if it is the most important function in the world, and to our clients, we know that it is. Just another reason Chef Khumo is our Head Function Chef.

If there’s anything that Chef Khumo’s story reminds us of, it’s that it’s never too late to pursue a dream!

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